My practice is geared towards adults who appear to have it all figured out.  Friends, family members, or peers may fail to hear you when you express your needs or true feelings or question whether you even have problems.  Despite what others may see, you have a need to be heard, to express your hurts as well as your dreams and want to do so in a safe space.  Whether you are dealing with a situational issue such as an academic or professional obstacle or something that feels more encompassing like relationship patterns or identity issues, I will work with you to illuminate the answers that are already inside of you.

Some common areas of focus include:

  • anxiety
  • attachment
  • depression
  • familial relationships and patterns
  • oppression
  • racial or ethnic identity
  • relationship issues
  • sexual abuse/assault
  • sexuality
  • trauma and PTSD

In addition to personal and interpersonal struggles, in our society, we face oppression at the intersections of our identities.  We deal with generational trauma and daily assaults on our humanity.  In response to this, we develop survival skills to get us through each day.  I honor the resilience of my clients and the methods they learned to cope with all that life has thrown at them.  Oftentimes, those protective measures meant to keep the hurt and pain away, also form a barrier to all the things we want in life.  I work with my clients to unpack the impact of their life experiences and lighten the load with new tools and skills for the road ahead. I assist clients in:

  • exploring their histories and patterns
  • identifying and expressing feelings
  • setting appropriate boundaries
  • rediscovering their voice
  • increasing self-esteem and self-advocacy
  • improving interpersonal relationships

My clinical framework is relational/interpersonal and incorporates systems and behavioral approaches.  Ideal clients are willing to commit to exploring difficult experiences and emotions.  They understand that different tools and techniques are required for a new way of being and are willing to try them out during and in between weekly sessions.  Ideal clients are honest about their struggles and work with me to create a trusting relationship where we can explore your responses.

If you are ready to create change in your life and would like a free phone consultation, head to the “Contact Me” page and schedule a consultation.

All appointments will take place virtually thru an online video platform or via phone.